Doctor VT 101 Course

For optometrists looking to brush up on vision therapy concepts and procedures/activities.

Our online Doctor VT 101 course is designed to provide foundational concepts and a basic knowledge of vision therapy. Our curriculum is ideal for new doctors who have just graduated and would like an overview to review concepts to start practicing in vision therapy. It is also great for doctors who have been out of school for some time and would like to brush up on vision therapy. The course has over 50 videos, 5 hours of total curriculum. Additionally over 20 different vision therapy activities are taught for you to use with patients.

Some concepts may feel very basic, as this course was originally designed for newly hired vision therapists. However, many doctors have remarked on how helpful these courses have been to them. As such we now provide them for doctors as well.

Unlike the therapist course, there is not a COVT mentor, oral or written exam. It also does not come with a certificate.

This course is only intended for doctors of optometry and not for vision therapists. We require greater guidance for vision therapists to use our curriculum. For more information about our online vision therapist training program, please go here.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] with any additional questions.

Your Instructor

Dr. Benjamin Winters, OD, FCOVD
Dr. Benjamin Winters, OD, FCOVD

Dr. Winters is board-certified in vision development and vision therapy. In 2010, he started a vision therapy center in Yakima, Washington. He has since helped in starting 3 other vision therapy clinics. During this process he helped train over 30 vision therapists from the ground up. His advocacy for children that struggle with life-altering developmental vision problems has included over 100 lectures in colleges, professional groups, parent groups, and schools. He is one of the founders of Building Vision, a non-profit that raises awareness and funds for individuals struggling with these vision problems and which has given free screenings to almost 1000 children in the Yakima area.

Course Curriculum

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